Friday, February 24, 2006

Universal Intelligence

I believe there is a Universal Intelligence at work in the Universe. You only have to watch one of those nature documentaries on TV about the rain forest to see this Intelligence at work. A colony of soldier ants moves through the jungle and they come to an obstacle, some of the ants will link their legs together to form a living bridge for the rest of the ants to cross over.

How do they do it? The scientists ask. How do they communicate? To me the answer is simple they are guided by Intelligence in the same way the swallow and the salmon find their way back to the place of their birth. The same way every organ and cell in my body functions without any conscious thought from me. You may as well ask how my heart communicates with my kidney, or my stomach with my liver.

I also believe that this same Intelligence is my intelligence. It is not in my brain, my brain is simply the receiver. This accounts for reason you can be thinking of someone and the phone rings and it is that person. Or you can be talking to a friend about a third person and that person will show up. This is such a common occurrence that we have a saying for it. We say, “Speak of the Devil.”

The Universal Intelligence knows everything; the answer to any problem is out there. Whenever I misplace some thing, I quietly tell myself “The Universal Mind knows where this item is.” I go on quietly looking and always find the item. This will only work if I believe it will, which is where faith comes in. The slightest doubt and it will not work.

I believe this Universal Intelligence is what some people refer to as God; only I don’t need to belong to some religion or other to connect with It. Human kind is the only species that requires that we belong to a religion. All other species seem to survive without it. Of course animals can’t go to Heaven, but to me Heaven and Hell are what we create for ourselves here on Earth. We all know people whose lives are filled with trouble and turmoil. A living Hell brought on by their negative thinking.

Let me ask this; if human kind disappeared from the face of this planet, what would happen? Nothing really; the Earth would keep turning, the sun would still rise in the east and set in the west. Rain would still fall; water would run into rivers and flow back to the ocean; plants and animals would flourish. In time cities man had built would crumble and decay; forest would revert back to forest, and desert back to desert. The same Intelligence that runs the whole show now would continue to run things.

This Intelligence is my God; the one within myself. I don’t need to go the Tibet or India to find Him, It is where ever I am. I don’t pray to Him; I just try to keep good positive thoughts, because after all what is a prayer but a positive thought? And as for praising God, what’s that all about? God has an ego that we need to praise Him? I find it doesn’t hurt to thank God once in a while. By doing so I acknowledge the existence of the Universal Intelligence and I am re-enforcing my own belief.

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Tseday said...

Great read. You've summed up my own understanding of life. My life too has been improving ever since I understood the 'Universal Intelligence' concept...that is my 'religion' :)