Sunday, March 12, 2006

Looking for Stuff

Right after I got out of the bicycle business in 1993 I went to work for a company that manufactured bowling equipment. A year later that company moved from Southern California to Eugene, Oregon and I moved with them. Everyone knows how difficult it is to find stuff after you move; imagine what it is like for a company that has just moved into a warehouse facility of over 120,000 square feet.

There were rows upon rows of steel racks 20 ft. high on which wooden crates and pallets full of materials and parts were stacked. In the months that followed people would come to me and ask did I know where such and such a part was? Well how could I know where anything was? I didn’t personally supervise the packing of every crate or the placement of any particular item within the warehouse.

But I did believe in the Universal Mind; an Intelligence that I believe is my intelligence. I would tell myself that the Universal Mind knows everything and therefore knows were the item we are looking for is. Of course I did not tell my coworkers of my belief or they would have looked on me as some kind of crackpot, but I would quietly walk around the rows of steel racks with the strong belief that I would find whatever I was looking for.

In a very short time I would pick out a certain crate or pallet have it lifted down with a fork lift truck and there would be the item I was looking for. On some occasions there would be a number of people looking and someone else would call out that they had found the item. My thinking was this was the Universal Mind we were using so if I personally found the item or someone else was guided to it; the item was found and that was all that mattered. I soon became known as the guy who knew where everything was.

In writing about my experiences here I cannot prove a thing to anyone; to me that is the difference between physics and metaphysics. Physics a person can demonstrate and thereby prove to others. Metaphysics you can only prove to yourself. But the next time you misplace something you might just tell yourself that the Universal Mind knows where it is. It is important that you believe that you will eventually find the item, and you have to let go of the outcome. In other words stop trying to find whatever it is you are looking for. You are dealing with a Law here just like a law of physics; this is a law of metaphysics and this is how it works.  


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VintageSpin said...

It seems the only way to support metaphysical feelings and beliefs is through anecdotal testimony, reminding me of how American Indians culture is so rich in stories passed down through the generations.
These feelings and beliefs somehow instill confidence in yourself and a perception to everything around you.
I recently had my bike stolen, and the very morning of the day I would get it back, I had an inner feeling of calm, "knowing" it was safe. What followed that day was an incredible series of timing, coincidence and happenstance that led to my bike, perfectly fine.
I have to thank my friends that had a "feeling" I'd get it back.