Sunday, March 05, 2006


Not the TV program but the basic instinct that all creatures of this planet have, including human kind. It’s like we are placed here and told “Survive” but we are not told how. Some of us think in order to survive everyone must love us and we go through life trying to please others and get their approval.

Others think that in order to survive they must control others and get them to comply with their will. It’s easy to see how these two groups pair off; each fulfills a need in the other. This behavior is so basic we see it all the time in the animal world; the alpha male controlling the others and the rest submissive and trying to please their leader.

But we are above this primitive behavior; we are individual free thinking spirits. We do not need the approval of others in order to survive; we can do nothing else but survive. The only approval we need is our own approval and this realization brings peace and freedom. By not seeking the approval of others we cannot be controlled by them.

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