Saturday, March 11, 2006


One of the biggest myths I find in the Christian religion is Satin, the Devil; who or what is this entity? We don’t see him just as we don’t see God, but I can believe in a God because I see Intelligence at work in nature, everywhere. The only evidence I see of a force of evil is nothing concrete just all the wrong doing, crime and suffering that goes on in the world.

I feel that this is brought on my human kind. Being free thinking spirits we are capable right or wrong thoughts and actions. If I make a mistake or do something wrong I take responsibility for it; I don’t say the Devil made me do it. This is a cop out, an excuse. Satin is a myth an invention of humankind, a Scapegoat. No wonder he is depicted with horns and goats feet.

I ask myself this; if there is a God, Universal Intelligence, (Call it what you will.) that created everything; then why would He/It create an entity to oppose Him/It? An invisible entity with somewhat supernatural powers at that. When JC was in the wilderness and was supposedly tempted by the Devil; I feel he was simply pushing negative thoughts from his mind.

When those doubts, those negative thoughts creep in, I sometimes find myself talking out loud to myself to say “Don’t think like that.” Or as JC said “Get thee behind me Satin.” But I am talking to myself to reinforce a positive thought, not some mythical entity.

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