Monday, March 13, 2006

Unshakable Faith

There have been many documented cases of people being cured of sometimes life threatening diseases simply by faith, prayer, or a positive thought. I make no apologies when I repeat again ‘what is a prayer but a positive thought?’ Even the medical profession is accepting more and more that the mind is a powerful aid in healing.

People travel to Lourdes, France to the shrine of St. Bernadette seeking a cure for their illnesses and other afflictions, many are cured and many are not. If we are to believe in a God that answers prayers, then what kind of God is it that will answer one person’s prayer, but says I don’t think so much of this person and I will not listen to their call for help?

As I understand it is not that God is selective, but the answer is in the prayer itself. We are dealing with a Law here, just as sure as the law of gravity says ‘what goes up must come down.’ The answer is not in the way the prayer is presented, or in the fact that the person has traveled all the way to Lourdes, it is in the undying faith that a cure will be forthcoming.

And that’s the toughest nut to crack even for myself knowing how the Law works, do I have that unshakable faith that it will be so? Because I know this much, even the slightest doubt and it will not work; even ‘wanting’ it to happen is enough to prevent it from happening. I guess because when you want something it means you don’t have it; after all we don’t want for something that we already have.

And therein lies the key; send out the prayer, make an affirmation, have a positive thought then let go of the outcome and act as though it has already happened. I can make it work for the little stuff but the bigger and more important things? I’m still working on it. On the other hand, life is good and I’m in very good health so maybe it’s working more than I think.

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