Friday, March 10, 2006


Voodoo is practiced in certain parts of the world and sometimes a voodoo curse is put on someone and that person dies. There is no medical reason for that person to die but their belief in voodoo and the suggestion is enough to bring about their demise.

I wonder if the media in America does the very same thing by constantly suggesting that one in four people will get this disease and one in five people will die of that disease. And the people believe in this just like voodoo and oblige by dying. A few years ago it was noticed that French people generally eat a high fat diet and yet they have less heart disease than there is in the US.

It has been suggested that maybe drinking red wine as the French do somehow prevents the build up of the bad cholesterol in the body. Maybe so, but can it also be that heart disease is not in the psyche of the French people as a Nation and maybe they are not being told constantly by their media that heart disease is the number one killer in their country.

I hate the way the media in particular television always draws on the negative. Living in South Carolina as I do every year we are told this is going to be the worst hurricane season ever. And I hate when people around here say “We haven’t had a bad one here since 1989, so we are due for one.” I feel like saying, “Good one people, let’s all hold that thought and see if we can make it happen.”

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